The Tit With The Hair

May 7


Holly: Lots of people in the same area. How do they get there?
Angelos: The bus.
Holly: …When you’re making… love… If there’s perfect union…
Noel: [mimes covering her mouth before giving her a hug]
Holly: Then you…
Angelos: Hold on. OMG. I’m getting something though.
Noel: [to host Cilla Black] Sorry.
Angelos: “Come Together”! 

Noel Fielding, Holly Willoughby, and Angelos Epithemiou playing “Intros” with “Come Together” by the Beatles on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. [x]

This has got to be one of my favourite Buzzcocks episodes — mainly because of Noel’s team (and hilarious host Cilla Black). All three are so different, but they came together like a really quirky little family. If I had to choose one thing I really like about Noel’s style as a team captain, it’s how he really makes an effort to engage his teammates and make the experience exciting and fun for them, and it really worked well here.